Sideways Stewie

Rock from Deurne, Nederland

Indie pop/rock band
Mix of Radiohead meets The Kooks, or Muse even...
Nothing new, just better :D


Kevyn v/d Linden - Leadvocals
Nico; Wagemans – guitar / backings
Joris v. Zeeland – drums / backings
Jeroen “René” Creanmehr – bass / backings
Michel Janssen – lead guitar


Sideways Stewie is an indieband containing the members:
Nico; Wagemans – guitar / singing
Joris v. Zeeland – drums / singing
Jeroen “René” Creanmehr – bass / backings
Michel Janssen – lead guitar
Founded in Deurne (NL) on the 31st of april 2011 by Nico
and Joris. Later Jeroen “René” and Michel were added.
Sideways Stewie is a young, energetic, dry and
melodramatic band not concerned about originality,
but mostly quality.
because of the eclectic taste within the band and the many
different influences, there is no defined style.
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